This is me year 2010, place Opatija, Croatia.

Ozren Sirola

My name is Ozren Sirola, I am from Rijeka, Croatia. Small town near Trieste, Italy. I am software developer and because of my needs at work I decide to develop this neat program ShixxNOTE. I got many awards in my country from best computer magazines (10/10), but also I got awards from  Internet best  sites like Download.com or Softpedia which wrote great Editor’s review on few pages with more than 10 screenshots. For me the greatest award is that ShixxNOTE is listed on english Wikipedia, because it describes how desktop sticky notes program works and how notes can be send or received in your local network. This makes ShixxNOTE also a LAN messenger. Client/server technology, sending and receiving notes through socket (port) makes program network enabled. Sending note(s) to group of recipients and receiving note is great for LAN communication in small or middle office.

Currently I am working on web applications in ASP.NET and C#. That is my work, but my joy and hobby is ShixxNOTE which is Windows application written in simple C++ and cause of that it works on all Windows OS. I also like good music, that is another passion I have. I like punk, rock, techno, but also I can listen to any music which is good. I was drummer in a local band. Because I live near the sea I always wanted to be captain on some big cargo ship like my friends, but faith pushed me into IT. Till I was little I always have computer and I always compute something. From ZX81 to Intel Dual Core 3.2 but if you like to program then any computer or language is easy for learn.


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