Scheduler for sending notes in ShixxNOTE program ?

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Many of my customers asked me if I have some kind of “Scheduler” implemented in ShixxNOTE program. Now I am thinking a lot about that feature. There are two solutions for this. First solution is to modify program and enable execution of “ShixxNOTE.exe” file from “Command prompt” with arguments. After that I can add “Basic Task” from program in Windows “Task Scheduler”. That also means that you will be able to write command in “Command prompt” that will execute ShixxNOTE program and send note to others in your LAN. For example if you write this “ShixxNOTE.exe -cmp STEVE -txt Hello” in the Command Prompt, recepient (computer named STEVE in your LAN) will receive note with text (“Hello”). Note theme would be as a default one on STEVE’s computer.

Windows Task Scheduler

Windows Task Scheduler

Command prompt example of command

Command prompt example of command

Second solution is to add in note menu new item “Schedule”. And then you would get scheduler dialog where you will be able to select for every note time, repetition and recipient(s) or group that will receive that note. Second solution is better but please give me advice. Now I am thinking about developing first and also second solution. And after that I will change version to because in that new version there would be a plenty of new options, changes, new features and finally multilanguage support.

Kind regards,

Ozren Sirola

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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I will quote one email sent to me from my trial program user which have some problems.

I’m running a trial version of Shixxnote, and it appears that I can send notes from Windows 7 computers to Windows XP computers, but I can’t do the opposite – send notes from Windows XP computers to Windows 7 computers on my network. Is this a known issue? Do you have any troubleshooting steps I can take? My firewall is disabled on all computers.

This is not a first time that I’ve receive this kind of mails. Always one computer can send note but can not receive note or otherwise. Problems with sending or receiving notes in your LAN, that is this article about. I will try to help you and write you solutions for that kind of problems with ShixxNOTE

Also you will read how my customer above solve the problem. So when you install ShixxNOTE in your LAN of few computers but some of them have different kind of Windows OS. Maybe you will expirience problem like my customer did. He could send notes from Windows 7 computer but he could not receive notes from Windows XP computers. Than I wrote him simple steps to check and to solve the problem.

Considering that I have customer with same problem I wrote him this, because my previous customer has also some troubleshoot and we solve the problem.

I have one customer who just renamed computer name on Windows Seven and then after that he could send note to everybody. So I wrote my trial user that he tries this solution also. And guess what that also solved his problem. I don’t know why but problem was somewhere in WORKGROUPS, because Windows 7 is new OS he could only send note but not receive. If you ever have this kind of problem please first do this just rename the name of your computer. Here is the screenshot where you can see how to change your computer name in Control Panel.

How to change your computer name on Windows 7

How to change your computer name on Windows 7

So this is my first advise to you if you have similar problems with ShixxNOTE But also if this doesn’t work that try this.

Check on every computer which are using program if they have same workgroup.

Try to send note directly to yourself, open “Send note to …” dialog and write your computer name in recipient list. After you click on send button you must receive identical note.

Finally first thing I always advise is to check Windows Firewall settings on every computer running ShixxNOTE Program is written in C++ and is using port 2000 to send and receive notes. And If Windows 7 comp doesn’t have open port 2000 then you will be not able to receive notes.

That was all I want to share with you if you have some problems with sending and receiving notes.

Kind regards,

Ozren Sirola

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Title and Close menu

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Maybe you know maybe you not about “Title menu” and “Close menu”. I’ve created one simple note to show you those two menus.

ShixxNOTE program simple note.

ShixxNOTE program simple note.

So now when I have note created I will show you both of them. When you right mouse click on a note title you get “Title menu” like this one on the image below.

ShixxNOTE program "Title menu"

ShixxNOTE program “Title menu”

As you can see I set alarm and expiration on this note. Now you can see small and simple title menu. Here you can edit title text, select title font and set title text color. Also cool item is “Roll up” I hope you know what is this. “Roll up” shortcut is to double click (left mouse) on the title. Later you will see image of this note rolled up.

ShixxNOTE program "Close menu".

ShixxNOTE program “Close menu”.

On image above you can see “Close menu” which you get when you click on small square icon located on the title right. Same as on previous menu you get “Roll up” item with “Hide note” and “Delete note” items. If you didn’t know you can remove this menu in the program settings, under “General settings” tab. There you have two questions regarding this close icon and close menu. “Show close button in the note title right corner” default is “Yes” and “Disable menu on note close button click” default is “No”. This are default settings but you can change it and remove close icon or just remove close menu. Your choice. If you like default settings then like me I click on the “Roll up” menu item and get this image below.

ShixxNOTE note rolled up.

ShixxNOTE note rolled up.

Now my note is rolled up. But you can see note title text, also info about alarm and expiration if you move mouse under alarm or expiration icons. Also you got now “Roll down” icon and in the “Title menu” note there is “Roll down” item now.

That is all you have to know about title menu and close menu. I hope you are satisfied, because maybe you learn something you didn’t know.

Kind regards,

Ozren Sirola
ShixxNOTE Program Author

Send note to recipient anonymously

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If you want to send a note anonymously to someone or to a group of note recipients read this article. By default ShixxNOTE is working like this, for example imagine local network with many computers in it. Your computer name is “STEVEN-PC” and you want to send note to computer “PETER-PC”. You will write some text on note and with ShixxNOTE option “Send note to” – “Other” you will add “PETER-PC” in your recipients list and you will click send button. User of the computer “PETER-PC” is some guy Peter. Then Peter will receive note and he will see that received note is from computer “STEVEN-PC”, also on a note title there will be time stamp and immediately he will have new note menu option “Reply to STEVEN-PC”. But lets say that Steven user of the “STEVEN-PC” computer doesn’t want anybody to know that he is a sender. Steven for some reason wants to send anonymous note to few of his co-workers.


To send anonymous note you can do it always when you are in “Send note to” – “Other” dialog where you can change “Sent from:” drop down list and select “Anonymous” so nobody can not trace to you. But now I will show you how you can set in ShixxNOTE program “Anonymous” as a default setting. Right mouse click on a ShixxNOTE tray icon which is located at your taskbar to get program main menu. From main menu select  “Settings” and  then go to “Network settings” tab.


There you find drop down list “Default sent from:” where default is “Computer name”. That is a program default setting so if you are sending note to other they will see your computer name in menu item “Repy to COMPNAME”. But if you select “Anonymous” in that list then yours recipients will receive exactly the same note as you have on your screen, with the same text in the note title. Which is different because normally text in title show you time when note has arrived and also note font is set to Arial Narrow. So simply select “Anonymous” in the list and click on a “Save and apply changes”. From now on notes sent from your computer will not have time stamp, Arial Narrow font and note will be without “Reply to …” note menu item.

Sometimes it can be usefull to be anonymous in this Big Brother world which is surrounding us :-)

P.S. As you have noticed you can select also your “IP Address”“E-Mail” or “Name” when you can put any name which will be then showed to recipient.

Kind regards,

Ozren Sirola
ShixxNOTE Program Author

Create and save note theme(s)

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In this article I will show you how easy is to create your custom note theme(s). First you change note color for example in dark green, set note text color to white, then also change title color like I did on image bellow. After that open note menu and select “Theme” – “Save themes as …” item in note menu.


You will get small dialog to write the name of your custom theme. That is all !


You have created your custom note theme. Also your theme is saved in list on themes in note menu. So if you want to change note theme on some other note you simply open note menu and select your saved theme. Then your for example yellow note will be changed.


And finally in note menu under “Theme” sub menu you can select “Organize themes” item and then you will get dialog like this one on the image below and in that dialog you can change order of your custom saved theme(s) also you can change name of your theme. I hope now you understand how easy is to create and use note theme(s).


Kind regards,

Ozren Sirola
ShixxNOTE program developer

Example of using ShixxNOTE in your office

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In this post I will show you on an image how ShixxNOTE program can be effectively use in your office or at any network (LAN). This example is about software company and how can developers in it use program to speed up a process of development.

ShixxNOTE Send receive note example image scenario in IT company.

ShixxNOTE Send receive note example scenario in IT company.

From this image you can see communication between two developers Carl and Shawn. For example Carl sends a sticky note to Shawn, because Shawn is on the second floor or the office but he is in network (LAN) he receive note promptly. He simply modifies note and copies his code. After that he use ShixxNOTE note menu option “Reply to CARL-PC”. After that in a second Carl receive modified note with code which he needed and loop is complete.

This example shows how only 2 computers with ShixxNOTE installed on it can communicate promptly. But Carl could send his note to Shawn, Peter and Marc which are his work colleagues. He could save that recipient list as a “Project X Team” and after that he simply create note and from note menu send note to saved group “Project X Team” and then Shawn, Peter and Marc will receive notes promptly.

I hope you understand how this is cool ! You have one program ShixxNOTE and all communication goes through it. In my company we use this for more than 5 years. But my latest customers are from medical background. Many dental offices from US, medical institute from France, etc. I find out that they have a need for ShixxNOTE. Hope they will spread out the word about my program ShixxNOTE.

P.S. At the program site, you can find new version of program which now have some cool transparency effects and some minor improvements. This is release from September 2012.

Kind regards,

Ozren Sirola

ShixxNOTE Program Developer

ShixxNOTE Quick look video

July 12, 2012 3 comments

Editors from FindMySoft site created short video for ShixxNOTE program. So now you can look video here or at the program home page site. Video is cool. Still I have plan to release more video material for ShixxNOTE especially about sending notes. Because in this video there is only just a quick look at the program. But I always say that ShixxNOTE is not just simple desktop sticky note program, it is also LAN messenger with many communication options.

Click play and enjoy this short video !

Ozren Sirola
ShixxNOTE Developer


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