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ShixxNOTE Your network neighborhood list and LAN


If you don’t see nothing in your network neighborhood list when you try to send note to somebody, then read this post. Probably you have Windows 10 and all necessary updates. Like me. On Windows XP, Windows Seven and also on first edition of Windows 10, that list was always full with names of computers in your LAN. Now today you see nothing. Also you don’t see your computer. But if you look below you will see your name of computer. So I decide to share with you how can you send and test sending of note to yourself. I decided to send one note to myself. Here below look on my picture first.

I got nothing in my list Network Neighborhood, but below I can see my computer name is OZREN which will be sender’s name after I send note to myself. So I entered that name in text box who to send. Simply wrote my computer name OZREN and pressed enter. Then I got in Note Recipient list my computer. So I got one note to send to myself. You can see I also did right mouse click on my computer name and there I got menu where I select option Show IP address. Voila after that I also got my IP address. So I could enter my computer name or IP address in text box.

After I added myself in note recipient list I clicked on button Send note. And off course I got my desktop sticky notes promptly with sound from my speakers.

You can see that in second picture below:


Do it at your home or office and try to send note to the others by entering theirs computer names or IP addresses. It will work on Windows 10 with all cumulative updates. If you have Windows XP or old great Windows 7 you will have not this problems with empty lists.

Stay home because of world pandemic and wait like me for happy end.

Kind regards,

Ozren Sirola
ShixxNOTE author

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  1. Linda
    May 20, 2021 at 13:41

    Had this program for a couple of years which we really liked but my computer crashed & Shixxnote will not honor that we have paid for this program & is charging to download

    • May 21, 2021 at 10:12

      This is not true. I sent Linda download link for registered version of ShixxNOTE 6.net 5-Users License version when I received heir’s second mail. Also I created that link just for her because I as an author of ShixxNOTE program never had charged somebody for registered program version if customer lost his setup file. So Linda you are liar. I am sorry to tell that but she didn’t check mail which I’ve send to her.

      Regards to all except Linda,

      Ozren Sirola
      Author of the ShixxNOTE program

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